How this contents calculator works

The home contents calculator works on a three tiered structure comprising items, categories and rooms.

Items are the building blocks of the system and represent the individual pieces of equipment and furniture known collectively as your home contents (i.e. chairs, tables, clothing, cutlery, refrigerators etc).

These items are organised into 32 separate categories according to type (i.e. appliances, audio visual, furniture etc), whilst rooms as the name suggests represent the different rooms that could possibly be present in any individual home. There are a total of 38 room types, split into 22 different bedroom configurations and 16 other room types (i.e. bathroom, dining, kitchen etc). Each room contains a variety of categories.

The type of room determines which items are included. For example a dining room would include items such as a table, chairs, buffet unit, framed prints etc. The quantity and variety of items contained in each room varies according to the size of the room and the degree to which each room has been furnished.