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Contents calculator

Need to estimate the value of your contents?

Our calculator can help simply provide general information about your home and the calculator will give an estimated value of your contents which you can tailor for a more accurate result.

This calculator estimates the value of your contents using data supplied by Sum Insured Pty Ltd, A leading provider of contents cost information, who have customised the calculator to consider costs in New Zealand. Click here for more information on how our calculator works

Look for the Help question marks if you need help.

Disclaimer: This calculator is provided by Sum Insured Pty Limited. They're a company that specialises in researching the value of household goods. The calculator provides an estimate for your contents insurance based on the answers you provide. If you want advice on how much insurance you need, particularly if you have high value items, you should contact a qualified specialist.

Sum Insured Pty Limited and TOWER Insurance Limited don't have any liability in connection with the Sum Insured contents calculator. It does not provide financial advice on the type of policy or amount of insurance you should have, and doesn't take into account your personal situation. You must choose the level of cover that's right for you.